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Surrogacy (Gestational Carriers) - a method of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help infertile couples find happiness of childhood. Despite the high demand for this option, the laws of some countries do not allow its conduct. In France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and in some U.S. states surrogacy is prohibited entirely. Some countries allow only non-commercial surrogacy (UK, Denmark), in other countries it is not regulated at all (Belgium, Spain). Russia is one of the countries where surrogacy is absolutely legal and regulated by the Family Code of the Russian Federation, it is governed by the Russian law "On protection of citizens' health" and the Russian Federation law "On Civil Status Acts".

Access to surrogacy, is now available to many people in Russia, provided certain medical conditions are present. Cost of surrogacy is becoming affordable to many people in Russia and around the world. Children conceived via an "in vitro" procedure, are born physically and mentally identical to children who were conceived naturally. Citizenship of the biological parents does not play a decisive role: as Russian citizens and foreigners alike can use the services of a surrogate mother in Russia. To do this, the biological parents should contact the specialized agency of surrogate motherhood. Such agencies will also assist biological mothers with infertility treatment, for as long as it takes, to achieve IVF pregnancy. Agencies also have in their arsenals experienced lawyers who will help with all legal aspect of surrogacy (the cost of both legal and medical services is generally included in the contract). Assisting biological parents with selection of a surrogate mother is also a responsibility of such agencies. Parents are presented with ART directory - a unique list of screened women of childbearing age who have decided to become surrogate mothers. These women have passed a full medical and psychological examination and are ready to carry your "test-tube baby" (baby in vitro). Surrogacy agencies usually offer services of oocyte (eggs) donation. Such donors are also included in the list of techniques ART (IVF).

The agency of reproductive technologies is providing quality, expert services to families that are in need of surrogate services and/or require donor of eggs. We offer different packages, which include selection of a surrogate mother, the IVF procedure in Moscow, pregnancy monitoring, childbirth, legal support, and of cause confidentiality and anonymity of all ongoing procedures. After the in vitro children are conceived (the clinic to give birth is individually selected), our agency also assists new parents with all paperwork required in such cases.

In addition, our company provides a unique service – child birth in the U.S.A. If you want to give your child a gift of dual citizenship, it's time to contact us. This service is available to any pregnant woman (including participants in our surrogate motherhood programs). The childbirth in America is offered in one of the major hospitals in New York City.

We can help you find happiness of parenthood!