About the company

If you are looking for a surrogate mother and/or oocyte donor and do not know where to start, want to undertake a process of artificial insemination and plan to maintain confidentiality and avoid possible legal, organizational, ethical and other problems - it is best to turn to the professionals!
The agency – is a team of professionals in the field of reproductive technology! Our mission is to assist various families in achieving their dream of parenthood, dream of having your own biological child.
We provide full coordination of all parties needed to achieve these goals: genetic (biological) parents, surrogate mothers, doctors of reproduction clinics, Agency specialists - psychologists, lawyers, translators, facilitators, managers, in order to achieve a common goal - the birth of a healthy, long-awaited and desired child, your own child.
Our agency has its own extensive database of surrogate mothers and donors, we can easily select appropriate candidates for a surrogate mother and/or egg donor. With us you do not have to wait: you can join the program on the same day you contact our Agency. All women who are interested in carrying your child required to undergo a full medical examination. Each of the candidates is also tested by our psychologists. You can be sure that any surrogate mother selected by you with the assistance of our agency is able to carry and give birth to strong and healthy baby. If desired, the surrogate mother or egg donor may undergo additional medical examination, in the same IVF clinic, where you are being treated for infertility.
All donors of eggs (oocyte donor) in the database of our agency are anonymous, but you can find general information about each donor and their direct relatives, look at the photo of the candidates, and their own children. At the agency, the donation of oocytes requires a full medical check-up of all egg donors pursuant to the Order of the Ministry of Health of 23.02.2003 № 67.