For biological parents

 Surrogate motherhood:
Specialists of our agency will provide you with detailed consultation on all matters relating to the program "Surrogacy".
We'll find you a surrogate mother that meets all your needs and also complies to the requirements established by the Order № 67 of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of February 26, 2003 "On the application of ART in the treatment of female and male infertility"
We will carefully check the background and the personal information of surrogate mother.
We will gather all the documents and analyzes a surrogate mother needed to participate in the program.
We will also offer you a comprehensive contract covering all the aspects of the program "Surrogacy"

The comprehensive legal agreement that covers full implementation of the entire process of surrogate motherhood, from selection of surrogate mother candidate, to birth of a child to covering all legal aspects of surrogacy.
The specialists of our agency have prepared several types of surrogacy contracts, they differ based on the level of services required by our customers and range from the basic services to VIP.
In addition, our agency offers one more VIP service - the birth of your child in the United States. This is a good investment in his or her future, because child born in America automatically becomes a U.S. citizen. If at least one parent is a citizen of Russia, the child will have dual citizenship: American and Russian.
We will ensure proper and timely execution of all necessary documents and arrange all necessary child birth care in the U.S., and you will only enjoy the comfort and rest in awaiting the birth of your baby in one of our centers in New York City.
The donation of oocytes:
Our agency will provide you with immediate oocyte donor to choose when you contact us. We do not need extra time to find a donor. Within 2-3 days the donor you selected will available to meet your doctor in the clinic you have selected.
The choosing of oocyte donor is carried out with access to complete biographical data and photographs of the donor woman and her own children.
And also:

Our agency provides assistance in organizing the visit to Moscow for the surrogate motherhood program for Russian citizens and foreign nationals.

We can provide you with following additional services:

  •  Transportation - assistance in booking and buying tickets for all modes of transport, provision of road transport with a personal driver or car rental;


  •  Housing - provision of accommodation in hotels or private appartments;


  •  Support and escort - the organization of meetings at the airports, railway stations, bus stations, etc.;


  •  Experts - an interpreter, a psychologist, a guide, facilitator, nurse, family doctor, etc.;


  • Communication - enabling use of the Internet, mobile phones, faxes;


  •  Making your passport to a surrogate mother if she is required to travel abroad;


  •  Providing all kinds of informational services related to the arrival, stay and departure from the country;

Reproductive Technology Agency ready to take on all organizational matters, to make your stay comfortable in Moscow.