Surrogate mothers

 How to become a surrogate mother?

At present, interest in surrogacy in our country is growing, but still in this aspect there are many questions. Here are some answers to the many questions that are interesting to women who are interested to help childless couples find happiness.
People often ask whether you can become a surrogate mother to help childless couples, and in return you can hear the assertion that this decision has no legal force. In fact, surrogacy is legal, at least in Russia. Law of the Russian Federation asserts that every woman has the right to make implantable embryo. This procedure, like in vitro fertilization and embryo in the uterus of replanting shall be performed in clinics licensed for this activity. These procedures are carried out only by highly qualified specialists. Married or single women wanting to become parents when using this method should give written consent.
When a surrogate baby is born to a surrogate mother, she agrees to have baby’s biological parents recorded as parents. Surrogate mother will gave their consent prior to the replanting of an embryo to. In the future surrogate mother will have no rights to the child she would be caring and giving birth to.
A woman wishing to become a surrogate mother must be mentally and physically healthy woman between the ages of 20 and 35, which has its own healthy child born by natural means.
Prospective surrogate mothers must undergo examinations, which includes:
- Blood group and Rh - factor;

- Test for sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and hepatitis B and C;

- Tests for infections: chlamydia, herpes, anaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, rubella;

- Urinalysis;

- Blood clotting;

- Blood chemistry;

- X-ray of the lungs;

- Gynecological swabs from the vagina;

- Swab from the surface of the cervix;

- Inspection and conclusion of the therapist about the absence of contraindications to child bearing;

- Obtaining certificates of neuropsychiatric and substance abuse clinics in the community;

- Thorough examination by a gynecologist;

Women participating in the surrogacy program must have a strong desire to help childless couples in finding happiness of motherhood and fatherhood. This desire is the key. With regard to monetary compensation, it is not the price for a child, but serves only to help to create favorable conditions for carrying a child by surrogate mother.
The maximum amount of compensation is determined by personal interview at the company you have chosen. In addition, the surrogates are offered a system of bonuses to compensate for the cost of food, cost of medical care during pregnancy, as well as transportation costs.
To participate in such programs, it is best contact professionals in this field. This would guarantees legal protection of your rights during participation in the program of assisted reproduction, and timely compensation for the participation in the program. A lawyer in such companies for a surrogate mother is provided for free. If desired, you can get detailed advice from our experts place an order on our website